Pine Island Carpet Water Damage Restoration

Our professional carpet cleaning service will be able to assist you in removing the moisture from your carpet and from the padding underneath. Service King Cleaners are experienced in carpet water damage restoration. Our water damage carpet repair services strive to salvage your water-damaged carpets and make sure that you will not need to replace the carpets, provided that we are contacted as soon as the water damage has occurred.

Water damage can cause serious problems

Spilling some water here and there on your carpets may not be such a big deal. In fact, most times, you can simply air out the room to dry out the carpets. In other instances, a large amount of water, such as a burst pipe, may be catastrophic for your carpets. Addressing water damage to carpets as soon as possible is crucial to save your carpets. Water damage can cause bacteria and mold to form in your carpets as soon as 24 to 48 hours after exposure.

Why it is important to address water damage immediately

Water can cause severe damage to the padding of the carpet. It is crucial to understand that you should not allow water to sit or absorb into the carpet. To mitigate the damage that water can cause to your carpets, it is imperative to act as soon as possible. Drying the carpets may not be enough. The padding underneath the carpet should be dried out sufficiently as well. You may run the risk of mold damage to the padding, which may eventually spread to your carpets. In this case, there is no saving the carpets, especially if the carpets have been wet for more than 72 hours. Keep in mind that the longer you wait, the less the chances are of being able to restore your carpets.

Wet carpets should never be left to dry on their own. You need to address the problem as soon as it occurs, as wet carpets may cost more than just a carpet replacement. The water may seep into the walls and cause mold. This can be avoided by acting speedily and contacting Service King Cleaners for a professional quote. We offer fast, reliable, and professional service.

Timing is the difference between us saving your water-damaged carpets and you having to replace those carpets, which may end up being a costly affair. Our associates are well-trained, experienced, and very knowledgeable about tending to water damage in carpets.